Research & Science

Research & Science

One of the BCCNS Alliance’s core pillars is to advance research and support the science towards finding improved treatments and a cure for BCCNS. Through surveys and input from the BCCNS community, research is the primary area of interest and a top priority for the BCCNS Alliance. Research is fundamental to our mission and the Alliance is 100% committed toward this effort.

Because BCCNS is a syndrome that can affect multiple parts of the body in varying ways, frequency and severity, there is not one single treatment or cure that can solve the problem. Currently there are treatments that can manage some of the more bothersome manifestations, like BCCs and jaw cysts, but much more work needs to be done to eliminate the syndrome completely.

Through support and patient recruitment for active clinical trials, enrollment and promotion of the BCCNS Registry, and with the help of our research affiliates, we are taking steps everyday toward our ultimate goal – improved treatments and a cure.