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Network members sometimes share their artwork and writings with us. We're more than happy to share these emotional expressions with you, too. You can click the titles of the poems below to see a full-size image of the printed version.

My Dad is a Hero

by Nina Bradley, dedicated to Ren Bradley

My daddy he's a hero,
he may not fly and he may not have X-ray vision,
you see my daddy he fought in a war,
but not a war with guns, and not a war with men.

He couldn't see his opponent,
he fought this war blindly,
the army he fought grew large.

It grew so large and was so full of power
but my dad was not a coward
he didn't run and he never surrendered his life
they outnumbered him greatly, but still he fought

He fought everyday
until the day he was defeated
but he didn't lose in my eyes

He may have lost that battle
he may be gone for now
but I admire him more than ever
because he fought until the end

When no one thought he'd make it
and the doctors said he would die
my daddy he kept going strong, he held his head up high

He enjoyed his last moments on this earth
I know he's up above
I know I'll see him someday
and we'll catch up on all we missed

My dad, he's my hero
he did something not everyone could
he knew he had lost but still he fought

To me that is courage
I'm so very proud of him
Daddy we miss you but we will see you again.

What God Intended Me to Be

by Timothy and Kayla Pelman

If I were a fish,
I would wish that I would not become a dish,
But I would rather roam free
in the deep blue sea.

I could be a horse and go ney, ney, ney
Or I could turn into a bird and fly away.

The dream for me is to be a manatee
And maybe even have a family.

I would not want to be a turtle that is slow as molasses
Because I am faster than the fastest.

Maybe a rabbit that goes hippity-hop
Or the alligator that lives in the swamp.

The butterfly is the most beautiful of all
But the giraffe is the one who is tall.

Sometimes I think about being a bear in the wild
Or even an eagle that can see for a mile.

What about the king of the jungle
Or the elephant that makes a rumble?

I'd like to be a panther that is black as night
Or be a flying squirrel who took this first flight.

I left out the canary that loves to sing
Or Nala from The Lion King.

As you can see being an animal is a dream for me
But I am happy for what God intends me to be.


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